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Agent On Wheels.com is a insurance quoting service provided by Marketing Strategies of
. Agent On Wheels helps families and self-employed people with risk management
issues such as health and legal. Marketing Strategies was established in 1995 and strives to
assist entrepreneurs with a variety of services geared to improve customer service and profits.
Marketing Strategies has a public affairs division called  
The San Diego County Community
Coalition and Alliance for Business Network
. We work hard to help build strong small
businesses and entrepreneurs while serving the local community.

The San Diego County Community Coalition and Alliance for Business Network strives to
combat poverty. We are dedicated to providing drug treatment, job training and job placement to
homeless people. We support mentorship programs, computer education and
entrepreneurship training for young people. We work hard to provide superior service to small

Access to affordable health insurance, legal assistance and business services are intrinsic to
our goals of combating poverty and promoting entrepreneurship with sustained  job creation.

We help educate our clients about health insurance policies. We create life long relationships
and support your family and business in a number of very unique ways.

We are committed to excellent customer service. We are committed to helping you find the best
health insurance policies for your family and business. We will guide you to attorneys that can
help you with copyrighting and other personal and business legal problems. We provide you
with legal insurance companies that really help you cut your legal costs while helping you
obtain assistance nationwide and in Canada. Our nationwide network of attorneys and
business consultants will give you the competitive edge while protecting you and your family.

After several serious illnesses in our families, we discovered some surprising facts about
health insurance companies. This prompted us to start our own service to ensure others
avoided the pitfalls of failing to properly interpret exclusions and limitations in insurance
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